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Shift PT &


/shift/: a change in position, direction or tendency


A New Approach

We are Doctors of Physical Therapy. We are athletes. We have been patients.

We have worked in traditional PT clinics and we want to provide something different. We don't just want to get you back to your "prior level of function", we want to help you understand how to maximize what your body is capable of.


As movement specialists, we want to help you optimize how to move through life, for life. Whether it's at the elite level, or simply performing daily chores with less pain and effort, we can help.

Our approach is centered on individual goals and whole body systems. Whether it is to heal from surgery, summit a peak, send your project or win an ultramarathon, we are here for you. Through individualized exercise and hands on bodywork, we want to help you shift toward lasting gains. We want to get you back on your feet, to stay there and to THRIVE.  Could you move better? Let us answer that.

Running Outdoors
Get started

Get Started. 

PT intervention for overuse injury, acute trauma or chronic pain.

Performance assessment for movement goals, more efficient training and longevity.

Physical therapy on leg

PT or Performance


This is a thorough assessment to establish your plan of care for training or rehab. This time will include treatment based on evaluation findings.

Running Shoes

Running Gait


We'll perform a full assessment of strength, mobility, and video analysis of your running gait. We'll provide a program to address findings.

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