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Training is about more than sets and reps. It's about stress and adaptation. It's about consistency. It's about accountability. It's about small shifts for lasting, big change. Our skillsets as physical therapists give us unique insights into movement, tissue adaptability, physiology and body mechanics.  We can help you optimize what your body is capable of.


Whether your goals are setting personal records, standing on an elite level podium, longevity, quality of life or preparing for a seasonal shift in activity, we can help. We offer individualized plans based on a comprehensive evaluation to help you increase your mobility, fitness, movement efficiency, and recovery. Generally, we help you take steps toward consistent, lasting improvement.


From weekend warrior to professional athlete, there is always room for improvement; to shift toward ideal. Better mechanics, fitness and resiliency means less overuse injury, more consistency in progress, less pain and better performance. 

We Can Help:

Gym Equipments
  • Climbing movement assessment

  • Running gait analysis

  • Ski gait analysis

  • Improve mobility

  • Improve circulation

  • Increase tissue resiliency

  • Sport specific training

  • Trigger point release

  • Edema control

  • Custom exercise programming

  • Neuromotor control and coordination

  • Overuse injury prevention

  • Training program review

  • Efficient warm-up, cool down and maintenance program

  • Return to high level following rehab

  • Resistance to fatigue

Medical Thai Massage
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