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We offer our clients more. Beyond rehabilitation, we are your resource for optimal movement, for life. ​ We are here to help you unlock your body's potential, and to maximize your time, both in and out of the clinic. ​

We can help you come back stronger post-injury, break through a training plateau, identify and work through your weaknesses,  or assist your recovery on your next rest day. Whether you live in the area or are passing through, we are here for you.


Do you have questions? Schedule a free 15 min consultation with one of our Doctors of Physical Therapy.

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90 min PT/Performance Evaluation - $185

It is recommended all new clients begin with an evaluation for best outcomes. This is where we'll start for comprehensive PT or performance intervention. You must start here if you plan to submit your invoice to your insurance for reimbursement of PT services. We'll spend this time getting to know you, assessing your movement patterns, reviewing your health history, taking objective measurements, learning about your goals and lifestyle and developing a plan of care to help you maximize the potential within your body. This visit will include treatment time and planning your follow-up care. 


60 min PT/Performance Follow-up - $140

Must complete an evaluation before scheduling a follow-up. Follow-up sessions to help keep you motivated and adjust your plan to stay on track with meeting your goals. These sessions may include manual therapy, custom workout, strength and mobility exercise review and exercise program modification/progression.


60 min PT/Performance Reassessment - $155

This is another evaluation to measure your progress toward your goals using data from your initial visit. This may include objective measurements of strength and endurance, re-testing of mobility, analysis of movement patterns and modification to your plan of care to keep you on track and progressing.


90 min Running Gait Evaluation - $225

Comprehensive running analysis and dynamic movement assessment to provide individualized program to improve your running technique and training efficiency. You'll come away with an exercise program to address deficits in strength and mobility along with drills to improve your running technique. Our goal is to help you modify your routine to maximally improve your mechanics, performance, recovery and reduce your risk of overuse injury in a way that fits into your current training schedule. 


Running Gait Package - $650

(an $800 value)

Package includes 5 sessions: ​

  • 1x 90 minute- Running Gait Evaluation

  • 3x 60 minute PT/Performance Follow-up Sessions

  • 1x 60 minute PT/Performance Reassessment 


This package is designed to change the way you run. Do you have pain? Let us try to help you reduce your forces, optimize your mechanics and get the most out of your body-maintenance routine. Do you struggle with hills? Can't quite knock your pace down? Feel like some days your legs weight a million pounds? We want to help you improve your mechanical efficiency, fitness and understand how to help your physiology adjust to the demands of running. This program not only provides a customized routine and modification through practice, but it will reassess your running gait to review measurable change and track your progress toward your goals.


FREE 15 min consultation

Schedule a phone call consultation with one of our Doctors of Physical Therapy. Find out how to book, whether or not we can help and how to proceed with booking, if appropriate. 

Certificates Available

We Can't wait to Meet YOU.

Book now. Go to our scheduler to book a free 15 minute phone consultation, PT/performance evaluation,  or a running gait analysis.


At your first visit, together, we will create a plan to move forward.

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