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A new approach to Healthcare

It's all about you.

Rates + Services


We serve you, not your insurance company. We are a cash-based clinic, meaning we are out of network with all insurance. We take payment from you at time of service and will provide a “superbill”, which you can submit to your insurance for reimbursement.


Superbills provide all the information an insurance company needs to create a healthcare claim. Clients who submit superbills to their insurance companies can potentially get reimbursed for payment for medically necessary services.


How does this work?

You pay at time of service and we provide an itemized bill with medical codes (a "superbill") that you submit to insurance for reimbursement of your payment.


Will my insurance pay me back?

Many insurance companies will pay for services deemed medically necessary. Reimbursement will depend on your policy's "out of network" coverage. It is best to contact your insurance company for details. This is becoming a wide trend in US healthcare to provide high quality, one on one, individualized care and most companies have a protocol for superbill submission.


What about Medicare?

We are enrolled with Medicare as "non-participating", which means we can see patients who have medicare for PT services in addition to performance/wellness services. Patients with Medicare will pay for services at time of visit. If services are considered medically necessary, then we will submit the invoice including physical therapy medical codes and provider information for you. Medicare will reimburse the patient as they see fit. Performance/wellness services are not eligible for reimbursement from Medicare.

Do I need a referral from my primary doctor or orthopedist?

No, California is a considered a direct access state, so you are welcome to come in without referral for PT. After 45 days, or 12 visits, we will ask your Doctor to sign off on your plan of care.


By opting out of insurance, we can focus on providing quality care without the pressure of altering treatments or billing practices to keep insurance payers happy.  This supports a proactive approach to fluidly take you through rehab, prehab and training optimization. This may appear expensive initially, however, due to a higher standard of care, you'll need fewer visits. Our time and energy is 100% about you, and you get more control.

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