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We help when you need it and high five when you don't.

Lauren Ricksecker

climber, ultra-distance mountain runner, fitness enthusiast

"2020 wasn't just the year of Covid; for me it was also the year my body decided to fall apart in varied and spectacular ways. First I suffered a running injury that narrowly avoided surgery, and just as that hurdle hit my rearview, I needed to have bilateral shoulder surgeries. Needless to say I got to know Tori and Dre intimately over what seemed like an eternity of bi-weekly and even tri-weekly physical therapy appointments. What can I say about working with those two? Not only did they help me heal my body, but they were attuned to the complex mental and emotional process that is involved with such a quagmire of injury and recovery.  All athletes live with a certain amount of their identity tied to performance, and sometimes more than just a bit of their happiness tied to their physical pursuits. Tori and Dre truly understand that. Through working with them I came back stronger both mentally and physically. Their approach is  holistic in a way that few other PTs are-- and I've been to more physical therapists than I can count. I would be lying if I said I couldn't wait to see them again because well, we all know what that means... But I can honestly say that if and when I find myself in need of physical therapy again, I will be thrilled to go to them; I simply wouldn't go to anyone else."


Stephen Muchovej

ultra-distance mountain runner, climber, Bishop City Council member

"I’m not a professional athlete: I’m just one of those people who likes spending time in the mountains and pushing themselves in various disciplines. During the pandemic, I took up my latest outdoor obsession: trail running. I did research, planned a training schedule, and went for it. One year in, I had run the Sky Marathon; by year two, I was speeding my way through 50-mile mountain runs. And that’s when my lack of disciplined training finally caught up with me: repeatedly running with poor form had taken a toll on my body and I couldn’t even go on a mellow short run without excruciating pain. It was the classic case of “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing” — I thought I knew what I was doing, but it was pretty clear that wasn’t the case. That’s when I started seeing Dre and Tori.Instead of focusing on my symptoms, Dre took a holistic approach and looked for the underlying cause of my pain. She came up with a routine to help alleviate the pain, and performed gait assessments to identify what in my body mechanics and running stride was leading to problems. She developed an exercise regimen and a routine to build up my mileage in a gradual manner that worked with my schedule; focusing on long-term payoffs over short-term gains. This was interspersed with incredible bodywork aimed at releasing the problem areas and improving my mobility. It was a long road, but 6 months in I’m back at it — regularly clocking 20+ mile days without any pain, having recently done a 30 mile variation of the sky marathon without skipping a beat.  When it comes to my running, I can honestly say I’m  more efficient, more aware, and able to run faster for longer and longer distances thanks to the expertise and professionalism of these two."

Lauren FOrd

climber, mountain athlete, alpine rock-star

"Dre and Tori were my PT's after shoulder surgery to repair a labrum tear.  I had a great experience with them both! As athletes and climbers themselves, they understood that I didn't just want to return to normal daily function, I wanted to get back to a high level of athletic performance. They're extremely knowledgeable, and their guidance and coaching were critical in helping me return to climbing. Now my shoulders are stronger than ever!  Dre and Tori also clearly cared about my overall well-being throughout the injury process, which made a big difference during the initial months after surgery.  I plan to continue working with Shift Physio through the rest of my recovery process and beyond.  Thanks guys!"

Amy Sturgill

ultra-distance mountain runner, climber, wildlife conservationist

"Shift Physical Therapy and Performance is just what every Eastside athlete needs! Therapists Dre and Tori are runners, climbers, skiers and more, so they have a deep understanding of what is takes to gain strength and fitness, prevent (or recover from) injury, and prime us to push our boundaries and reach our goals. Dre and Tori have helped me recover from injury, gain strength, optimize my running form, and generally been a huge support network for all things related to sport. They employ a functional approach to PT that looks beyond symptoms to the root of the issue, providing long lasting solutions that keep us fit, healthy, happy, and doing what we love."


Paige Borges

ultra-distance mountain runner, climber

"For the past year I’ve dealt with shin splints that have completely derailed my running training and goals. Regardless of following my prior physical therapists exercise routine, having my gait analyzed multiple times, and taking time off from running, I could not find relief. One month ago, I had my gait analyzed by Tori and was able to run pain-free the first run after following her advice on how to improve my running form. Additionally, she stitched together a program of high-intensity exercises for me to focus on that targeted my specific weaknesses and imbalances as a runner. I have become a more efficient runner with Tori’s guidance and in-turn my running speed and endurance has improved significantly. I feel strong and durable out on the trails and am very excited to be heading into the summer injury-free. Tori’s style of treatment is like no other physical therapist I have encountered. Her approach is very individualized and feels tailored to fit your personal needs. The exercises she assigns you will compliment your training as an athlete, making you the strongest version of yourself by balancing out your weaknesses. Shift Physical Therapy is the perfect addition to Bishop, CA – it is a place that will help all of us mountain-athletes perform our best and stay healthy so we can keep playing in the Sierra all year long."


mountaineer, alpinist, endurance athlete

"In the unfortunate event you need physical therapy, you want the best. Well, look no further than Shift Physio. I am training for a serious mountaineering expedition, and that, combined with my age, has meant shoulder, lower back, and knee problems to contend with. Dre Dillon at Shift Physio came highly recommended by my mountaineering coach, and I have been working with her on a variety of flexibility, pain reduction, strength improvement and proprioception exercises for several months now -- all remotely via telehealth appointments. Dre is very helpful at addressing the issues I face and coaching me both physically and mentally. And I learn about sports therapy and how the human body is meant to move and function in every session. Cannot recommend highly enough!"

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